Welcome to the Garden Terrace Komazawa.

the Garden Terrace Komazawa - the oasis of people in Komazawa

What has been people’s image of Komazawa? Wealthy green hills, clear and cold spring water, and residential areas surrounded by rich nature. Komazawa has always been people’s Mecca. Even though it is located in the city of Tokyo, the Garden Terrace Komazawa is always filled with an atmosphere of a nostalgic era. The brilliance of nature colors the rock garden, children’s cheers resonate over the field of green grass, and genial international communities have developed among parents who watch over their children.

  • Spacious Floor Plans

    The Garden Terrace Komazawa serves our customers by providing two-story wooden homes. Floor plans range from 3LDK to 5LDK. Also supplied are a living room of 42 square meters maximum and a fireplace.

  • 3,300 Square Meters

    The Garden Terrace Komazawa possesses approximately 3,300 square meters of total site area. However, merely 19 terraced houses occupy this vast area.

  • Comfortable Living

    With as many pure wooden materials as possible, the interior atmosphere is filled with warmth. All supplied appliances, such as air conditioners and water heaters, are of a high quality. Our priority is to always provide people with comfortable living.

  • Rewarded by the city

    The Garden Terrace Komazawa has been rewarded one of the environmental awards that are overseen by Setagaya-ku. This result is obtained by protecting green in the city.

Overall view

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  • Komazawa elementary school

    Komazawa elementary school, which was founded about 110 years ago and possesses the best building equipment in the area, is located within a three minute walk.

  • Swimming school

    Tokyo Dolphin Club Komazawa Swimming School is endowed with an official pool and offers professional trainers for people ranging from infants to elderly.

  • Komazawa Olympic Park

    Track with 2,148 meters is utilized for running, biking, and taking a walk with dogs.

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