Komazawa city

Komazawa city

  • Elementary School

    Komazawa Elementary School, which was founded about 110 years ago and possesses the best building equipment in the area, is located within a three minute walk.

  • Swimming School

    Tokyo Dolphin Club Komazawa Swimming School is endowed with an official pool and offers professional trainers for people ranging from infants to elderly.

  • Komazawa Olympic Park

    Track with 2,148 meters is utilized for running, biking, and taking a walk with dogs.

  • Komazawa Univ.

    Komazawa University. Since moving to the current location in 1913, Komazawa University has been a trademark symbol of the University Town of Komazawa.

  • Komazawa golf course

    The vacant lot of the golf course. It was open from 1913 to 1932, and was the first golf course established by Japanese people.

  • Studio of Junkichi Mukai

    Studio that exhibits the work of famous artist, Junkichi Mukai.

  • Komazawa Ryokusen Park

    Small Natural Park. A part of this is currently used as a play park, and a lot of children can be seen here during holidays.

  • Setagaya Center Library

    The main library among 15 libraries located in the area. It possesses a planetarium in one part of building.

  • Setagaya Boro market

    700 merchants open stalls on the street every year on the15th and16th of January and the 15th and 16th of December. It is always like a carnival.